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Perfect World Twilight

Posted by hrace009, in Perfect World Twilight 17 November 2013 · 957 views

Perfect World Private Server
Perfect World Twilight Found on March 10, 2012 using Patch 1.4.4 (Ocean / Tideborn).
On June 15, 2012, Perfect World Twilight do Descent Update (1.4.5 V60), and has been a success without her Wipeout / Roll Back.
On 21 September 2012, Perfect World Twilight returned to Imperial Fury Update (1.4.5 V66), and has been a success without her Wipeout / Roll Back.
On March 10, 2013, Perfect World Underworld Twilight perform Update (1.4.5 V69) and managed successfully without Wipeout / Roll Back.
Currently in October, 2013, Perfect World launched the Twilight 1.4.6 Update V70 Nation Wars, and hopefully run smoothly without Wipeout / Roll Back
  Link Website: http://www.pwtwilight.com/
Link Forum: http://komunitas.pwtwilight.com/
Link Guide: http://komunitas.pwt.../39-game-guide/
Link Download: http://komunitas.pwtwilight.com/.../
Perfect World Twilight has a Game Master (GM) are friendly and willing to help when needed.

The GM also always served with a warm smile and a joke sprinkled lightly. and occasionally the GM also held a special event.
Player Perfect World of Twilight, made ​​up of those people who do not like berbacot berpendikikan aka Non 4l4y ria, although most of them consist of a kid, but the kid is different, not like in other Private where his boy could only complain and beg.

But in his Perfect World Twilight boy is boy adventurer, which they always Mandiri and trying to get his right keiinginan. And PW Twilight too smart player trade.


In the Perfect World of Twilight, all the Dungeon / Goa opened, so it can provide the opportunity for players to adventure wider.
Server PW Twilight menggunakan High End Server dengan spesifikasi sebagai berikut
  System Hostname IDJAKPWTWILIGHT Operating system CentOS Linux 6.4 Kernel and CPU Linux 2.6.32-71.el6.x86_64 on x86_64 Processor information 2X Intel® Xeon® CPU E5606 @ 2.13GHz, 8 cores Real memory 48 GB Virtual memory 25 GB Local disk space 2X 2 TB Main Owner Luluk Maliha Amjad Administrator hrace009 Hosting Administrator サカ Game Core Version cpackage.beimei.20131022 Element Data Version 70 Task Data Version 105 Game Name Perfect World Twilight Nation Wars
  Berikut alasan nya
  • Base Server dari official PW China di konvert ke client PW International dan PW Indonesia  (Mixing Mode).
  • Server Twilight menggunakan metode Dedicated Server (Bukan VMWare / VBox dan Virtual PC)
  • Server Twilight memiliki system management keuangan yang terorganisir secara baik.
  • Gameplay tidak lebay, dimana tidak ada istilah donasi VIP dan SVIP. ini bertujuan meratakan semua status player.
  • Equipment murni Official (Tidak ada Equipment yang dimodifikasi sedikit pun).
  • Penangan system keamaanan yang handal (Profesional) Engineer bersertifikat.
  • Menghandle Maintenance Automatic ( Berkala setiap selasa dari jam 06:30 WIB – 10:00 WIB secara tetap).
  • Menghandle game CORE tanpa Rollback.
  • Menghandle Update game CORE tanpa Wipeout.
  • Menghandle Update Game Client dengan metode AUTO UPDATE (OFFIICIAL STYLE).
  • Server berspesifikasi High End mode (Server Berspek Tinggi).
  • System donasi menggunakan Cubi system dimana player bisa memilih sendiri barang yang diinginkan.
  • Disediakan Cubi Event buat player non donasi.
  • GM Tidak bermain sebagai player didalam game.
  • GM Tidak memihak player atau pun guild tertentu.
  • GM yang Ramah dan bersedia menyapa new player.
  • GM Tegas Terhadap hal hal yang melanggar peraturan (Tidak pandang bulu donasi / non donasi).
  • Game lebih Up to Date.
  • Auto Event Setiap hari.
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