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Ordered a MacBook Pro!

Posted by Martin, 26 June 2009 · 974 views

Daily life
Wow... It's been quite a while since I posted anything, I see.
Last entry was that I quit smoking, and that's gone pretty well, I must say. There have of course been the occasional cigarette at parties and such, but people can get used to the fact that I don't come with a disgusting smell any more.

Me getting rid of that nasty habit is kind of relevant to what I am no about to write about.

For the last 2-3 months I've seen the guys I follow at Twitter go on and on about their Macs, some of them have just bought one (or TWO....), others are just bragging. And that have made me a bit jealous, I must confess.

With the summer, vacations, traveling and all approaching, I changed my focus over to my laptop. Cleaned it up (formatting, reinstalling etc), and then I remembered why I don't use it. It is rubbish. It gets insanely hot, even when it's on a flat surface, and to be honest, it's not a Ferrari. Well, seeing as it's named "Acer Ferrari", it is. But it just isn't. Booting into Vista takes ages, doing anything take decades, and then it's the overheating issues. And no, Windows 7 did not make it any better.
Due to all these "troubles", I decided to look for a new one. As most of you know, there is quite a large selections on "normal" laptops, which makes it quite hard to find the right one for you. So I looked at Apple instead.
I might have been a bit too optimistic when I went straight for the MacBook Air. It looks gorgeous, but sadly too small, and WAY too expensive. We were looking at roughly $3500-4000 for a decent model.
So I settled down for a MacBook Pro. But which one? 13", or 15"? At the store I was currently looking at, we weren't talking about a huge price difference, really. Only $200. But I was still in doubt if I really wanted to pay ~$2000 on a new laptop. My old one does still work, and all that.

And that brings us back to the me quit smoking subject.
A month after I quit, I opened a new bank account, which I hid from the list of accounts. During a normal week I blew 400 dollars up in smoke, so I started a saving plan where I placed $500 every week into that account.
With this being nearly 7 months ago, I've completely forgotten about that. Till last night....

And that was it really. Placed the order at 03:45AM, went to sleep, and I didn't feel bad about it when I woke it. I only regret that I didn't pay the extra for over-night delivery :|


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