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The future of Invision Modding

Posted by Invision Modding News, 23 October 2011 · 1,127 views

Its with some regret we need to think about this sites future role.

Over the past few months, we've noticed a significant drop in activity and also a large increase in those without a licensed forum attempting to use this site too. Although the odd one will always happen, it does seem on the increase of late.

The time has come to re-evaluate this sites future, if it still has one. We all want the best for our own sites, and this sites aim is to help others do that too. We did consider closing it but have stayed off that decision for a while we obtain thoughts from our community and what they would like to see here.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated. :)

Source: The future of Invision Modding

In my opinion, Invisionmodding is the only website that have large numbers of Resolved issue's after IPS. that are accessible to any one through this site and Google. so if you analyze the activity, you must be also count the Maturity of this site with 100% quality solutions.

The only thing i seen here is to less activity of admins, management and the moderators. because of the team persons have their own business online.

I just simplify two my opinion here, if the owner have financial problem to live this website so simply contact with IPS. and ask them for sponsorship or reward for helping and support there software from years. hope they response back in manners with cooperative way.

If the owner don't have any financial problem to live this site. so simply assign a new team of active persons. who keep identify piracy persons and banned them and neat clean the forum. but they must have some basic knowledge about the IPS applications.

I also dedicate my little time service to this site if the site owner's want. just for this site Long life and helping to peoples and keep attaching with IP.board.

But the closing is not the fixing, if you close this site, so i consider this topic unresolved.

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