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About Me

Posted by KyleIce45, 14 May 2009 · 1,027 views

About Me.

Well, my name is Kel F. I do not like to give my surname on IPB resource sites/forums as they only need to know my first name. My Nickname, otherwise called "Kel" or "K3L" stands for "Kelvin", however I hate the name. So I am known always as "Kel". :)

I am a fan of many PC, PS2, XBox 360 games, such as "Call of Duty", "GTA IV" "Ghost Recon" and many more. I play Counter-Strike Source (however, I always get shot in the head. :( Though I get them back, but only not all the time in the head...somethings in their ass cheek, or sometimes in there "you know whats".) :) I mostly (if bored) go and play GTA San Andreas on my computer. (Not on PS2). I like to get alot of Police after me, while I am in a super fast Hotring Racer. :) They cannot catch me unless they are using Tanks/Rhino's and just drive straight in front of me...then I am dead. Yes, they blow me up. :(

I am also a large fan of the great....you know what it is! Yes, that is correct. Invision Power Board. I am an experienced user of IP.Board. I run a nice Gaming Community forum with a cool ".net" domain. Though it is offline right now as we are performing a few maintenance tasks. :) Though IP.Board 3.0.0 Beta is out, I hate the new version of IPB. I am sorry, but I do. I hate the layout of it. I do like the new Admin Control Panel and all of it's new features, but it's just the main forums layout. Even with a customly designed skin, I will not be used to it so I am staying with IP.Board 2.3.6, UNLESS I really do need to upgrade.

On to modifications/scripts made by me. :)

Yes, I do code a few mods and scripts for IPB, most are just Javascript, HTML and PHP ones. I have only made 2 public mods for IPB. They are both at Invision Tweaks. Though I did upload one of my mods (Country Mod) here at Invision Modding. :) I am currently on the earge of doing a new version of my DAC mod, witch is called (Duplicate Account Checker). The next I will be consentrating on will be [K-F] Countries Mod v2.0. Soon as I have finished with my DAC that is! :)

I am still learning some coding of PHP still, as I am a newbie at php. I am good at coding IP Loggers though I will admit to that for sure. :) But I am mostly good at making mistakes with php into giving me Parse errors and warnings. :)

Anyways, my blog and my "About Me" page will be updated soon. :)

Thank you for reading and viewing my Blog! :)


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