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Help Topic: Services System

The Services system allows you (if the board administrator has given you permission) to create a ticket requesting a specific service, which the staff will respond to.

About the Services system
  • Remember that this Services system is to request paid work only. When requesting work you can specify an amount you are willing to pay for the work to be done, or the staff member who takes the job can give you a quote. If you are not able to pay for what you need to have done, please post a topic in the forums instead.
  • Opening a ticket in this system does not guarantee that someone will do the work for you. Please keep in mind that the staff here does this work in their free time, not as their full time job. We will do requests we are able to fill when we have time, but we won't make promises that we will be able to fill all requests.
Services Ticket List
  • When clicking on the 'Services' link on the board header you will be taken to the Services Ticket List page. This page displays all the tickets you have created, as well as public tickets, with some information about them. The screen also includes some filter options. Clicking on a Tickets's name will take you to that Ticket.
Adding Tickets
  • When you are at the ticket list, you will find a button labled 'New Ticket'. Clicking that will take you to the submissions page. Fill out the necessary information, pick a department to submit the ticket to, and you are done.
  • Please specify as much information as possible when making your request. The IPB version the work is required for is especially important. If you are requesting something like a Custom Modification, the more information you provide, the more likely you are to get what you want.
Adding Replies to Tickets
  • When clicking on a Ticket name in the ticket list, you will be taken to the ticket view page. This page contains a quick reply form, or you can click on the Add Reply button to be able to add a reply to the ticket.
Pricing and Payment
  • Typical prices for Mod Installations are $10 per mod. I say typical because the person installing the mod can quote you a special price if they wish, but $10 per mod is what you should expect to pay. This price can go up if the mod being installed is especially complex, or if you have lots of different custom skins that the mod will be installed on.
  • Prices for other services are typically quoted based on how much work is involved. Prices are negotiable, but it is up to you and the person doing the work to hash out the details. The price will be quoted based on the specifics of what you are asking for, so if you fail to mention something important about what is required and needed, the staff member doing your work has the right to raise the price on the work.
  • Payment is expected to be made before the product/service is delivered. For mod installs this means that the payment must be made before the mods are installed, for custom mods this means payment will be made any time before the finished product is delivered. Individual modders may request that you pay for custom mods as soon as the price is agreed upon. All payments will be made directly to the staff member who performed the service, you can contact them for their payment info if it is not provided by them.
  • Because of the nature of what we sell, if we ever have to 'cancel a sale' and refund your money after the product/service has been delivered, we can't always have assurance that you won't continue to use the product/service for free. Because of this, we like to keep all sales final once the transaction has been made. If there is ever a dispute, please contact the site Administrator to determine if a refund will be issued. If it is determined you received what you asked for, no refund will be issued. If, however, you did not receive what you asked for, a full refund will be issued. We're not out to scam anybody, so please don't try to scam us.
  • Be sure to specify if you want your mod to be for your use only. While we will not give away for free custom mods that people pay for, if someone asks for the same thing that has previously been requested we will sell it to them as well. Requesting such exclusivity typically means that the price will be higher, but we will always honor such requests. Similarly, if you wish to redistribute our custom work on your own please let us know. If you will be doing this, please be sure to leave any copyrights intact and please do not take credit for the work we did in producing the mod.
  • These rules apply only to jobs that are done through this system. Any jobs worked external to this ticketing system will not be expected to follow these specific rules.
  • In any and all cases not mentioned explicitly here, the staff has the final say. It is impossible to list all possible rules, so please ask any questions for issues that aren't covered here.

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