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We've just got a few ground rules we want to let you know about for our site. These should be easy enough for anyone to follow.
  • First and foremost, be nice to the other members here. We've got a nice, friendly community here and we'd hate to see that disrupted. It should go without saying that foul language, flaming, racial/sexual orientation slurs, etc are strictly forbidden and can result in suspension or banning.
  • Spam. We have a forum for spamming here. Please keep all spam in this forum only. Spamming in another forum can result in warnings, suspensions, and bannings. Don't post if you don't have something meaningful to add to the conversation.
  • Avatars/Signatures. I've given you a few galleries of avatars to choose from, you can also link to an avatar or signature that you have on other webspace. In addition, you are allowed to upload an avatar of no more than 20KB. Please try to keep your signature to a respectable length, no massive signatures that take up a whole page. I have no specific guidelines on size; it is up to myself or a member of the staff here to determine what is too big. And of course, the rules for content also apply to any text in your signature.
  • You are allowed only one user name for this site. If you forget your user name, or your password, please contact a member of staff, we can fix it for you. This rule also applies to attempts to impersonate other users. This is a no-no, so please don't do it!
  • If you have an existing site you want to advertise, please do this ONLY in the Testing forum. Do not post about your site here in the Introductions forum, or any other forum with the exception of the Testing forum. Also note that you must have a post count here of at least 20 before you use the Testing forum for this purpose, we don't like people joining our site just to promote their site.
  • Use/distribution of illegal software. Please remember that IPB is a commercial product, and it is illegal to acquire and use the software from anyone except IPS. We will not give support to any members that we know use such illegal software. At any time, the staff may ask for your board address so we can look at it to determine if it is running legal software or not, failure to give this is a clear indication you don't want us to see, and will result in your account being banned. This will also apply if your site is distributing illegal material (commonly known as "warez") in any shape or form. This is a site dedicated to producing both free and commercial software products that we make, and as such we will not tolerate piracy or sites distributing or promoting such material in any form.
  • Use of the Personal Messenger (PM) system. Please do not use the the PM system to seek help that should be posted on the forums. If you send a PM to someone asking for help, and they help you with it over PM, then the next person who comes to the site with the same question won't be able to find their answer if they search. Similarly, do not open a topic and then PM people asking that they come to your topic and help; just post your topic and patiently wait for someone to assist you.
  • Post bumping. We ask that you please wait a minimum of 24 hours from your last post in a topic before you make a new post in the same topic in an effort to 'bump' your topic back to the top. We will do our best to help answer questions as quickly as possible, but we aren't always online 24/7 to answer questions as soon as they are posted. As stated above, it is best to simply post your question and wait for someone to respond.
  • Your website. All members are required to enter a website URL into their profiles. This URL should be the address to your IP.Board forum, not your personal blog or something else. As this site is a resource site for IP.Board forums, there should not be any reason why you can't provide this to us. You need to enter a valid address into this field, attempts to circumvent this requirement by entering an address that does not go to your site/forum will result in a warning and account suspension; repeated attempts will result in your account being banned.
  • Finally, in all other matters, myself and the staff here are the final authorities; our collective word is law here. We might disagree at times, but please don't keep bringing up issues that we have already decided on.All of these issues above hardly ever actually come up, but it's best to have this document in case they do. Please just have fun here at Invision Modding, post lots, make new friends, etc. And be sure to let me or one of the moderators know if there is something we can do to improve this site.


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