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    How to change Currencies on IP Nexus

    Posted by foreverkilling1 on Jun 01 2012 03:11 PM
    First, go to Admin CP --> System Settings --> IPS Apps --> IP.Nexus.
    The top setting is "Currency Code". You should set this to the code for the currency you wish to use (for example "GBP" for Great British Pounds or "EUR" for Euro). Then save the settings.

    Now go to Admin CP --> Look & Feel --> Manage Languages.
    Look at the "Currency Example" column. If it is incorrect, you must set your locale. To do this, click the edit button for your language and change the "Language Locale" setting.
    If you are using a Linux server, your locale is made up of the two-letter language code, followed by an underscore, then the two-letter country code. For example "en_US".
    If you are using a Windows server, a list of locales can be found here.

    Once you have set your locale, you should check that the currency is displaying correctly (with the correct symbol) in the "Currency Example" column. If it is not, the most common fix is to add ".UTF8" to the end of your set locale (for example, "en_US.UTF8").

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