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    Question / Answer Math Challenge Questions

    28 September 2014 - 11:20 AM

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    File Name: Question / Answer Math Challenge Questions

    File Submitter: AndyF

    File Submitted: 28 Sep 2014

    File Category: IP.Board 3.4

    IP.Board 3.4 compatible?: Yes
    IP.Board 3.3 compatible?: Untested
    IP.Board 3.2 compatible?: Untested
    IP.Board 3.1 compatible?: No
    IP.Board 3.0 compatible?: No

    A simple pack of twenty five math questions for the Question / Answer Challenge.  :)
    These have been put together both to make them easy for humans but difficult for bots as both questions and answers are given in words only not any numerics. Certain variations 'forty' vs 'fourty' are also taken into account as well as three spelling variations of each answer: All capitals, all lower-case and first letter capitalized.
    Note to import this list you'll likely need to have Import/Export Spider List installed as this permits QA imports / exports.
    Demo: Here

    Click here to download this file

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